Updating dates in an update query Amateur sex horny at home chats

The WHERE clause specifies which record(s) that should be updated.

Remove the IMEX=2 (or IMEX=1) from the connection string and it will work.

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If you generate a pickle using Django version N, there is no guarantee that pickle will be readable with Django version N 1.

Possible reasons for not wanting to let people get notifications of profile updates: Of course, if you want the world to know you are updating your profile, you can let them know.

I suggest making all but one change to your profile in “stealth mode” and then clicking the “Let people know…” box in Privacy Controls/activity broadcasts before making that last change.

Pickling is usually used as a precursor to caching and when the cached queryset is reloaded, you want the results to already be present and ready for use (reading from the database can take some time, defeating the purpose of caching).

This means that when you unpickle a attribute is an opaque object.

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