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The girls don’t like to tell people what they have been through.Those who sold and supervised them refuse to talk about what they do.Discover the best tourist attractions of western Ukraine with Maria Zawaski!Maria is a freelance journalist, born on the West of Ukraine, got married to Canada.As we never sell addresses, our ladies are not burdened with hundreds of letters from "bulk mailings".All the services that we provide to the ladies are free of charge for them; Real Women - we are a local agency and all the women in the Mordinson agency are from Kharkov, we do not have any on-line forms which lady can fill out to become a member, only after a personal interview at our office in Kharkov a girl can become a member of the agency.We meet and interview EVERY Ukrainian woman who wants to join our agency.We don't have thousands of profiles of Ukrainian women, because we are more interested in quality and real women, every woman who is in the gallery of the ladies is currently interested in finding the right man.

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The girls put on the dress for the Audition, then lose it without knowing what’s going on.” I recommend muting this one (there is no speech anyway, just silly music).

Now, she may have made a career in the adult industry and a name for herself (Ukrainian Alena Hemcova, I think), but then, during her first nude audition, she was much less “outgoing” and even tried arguments like, and then argued and “haggled” for every piece of clothing she had to take off, just to try (futilely, of course) and avoid getting completely naked 🙂 She resists so much that, to this moment, this is one of just a mere couple of “audition” videos posted here which additionally have the “talked into stripping” tag 🙂 If you’re new to the blog and you like this video, definitely also check out this one.

UW: What difficulties did you face while investigating the people involved in this underground business, including pimps and victims of coerced prostitution?

How much of a challenge was it to get the information you wanted?

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