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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate." A spoof on interpreting works of art (it can't be done) can it?

"oh henry leeoh henry lee I love your stock I love your c*oooc**(k)how being donedoing to hisdreamy dream boat (that) henry leeoh henry leeoh henry lee I sit under this white out tideand curse my knowledgeoh henry leein my bedsucking on my money treei love thee (not as much as mollasses)and five dollar pancakeshenry leebut that is love I don't mean ithenry lee (morning glory)I just bout to say my nervewhen good coffee goes coldhenry leeyou bout as good as government goldget's privatized interestin the book of forclosing huts on the poorwho then (but you) henry leestarving without televisionnever building a paper boatcannot manage lovebut love manages you, henry,you plant no tress I must be nice to youcause you wink like Reaganwhen he takes a sex slave to bedoh henry lee I don't know how people manageeating fried chicken isn't as good without youbut at least you had a name as deserving in memoryas God or Hitler or what ever the next war will be calledfreedom fry's with my lullabiesit isn't meaning a thing (that anything could mean)I love you baby dollhenry lee, please pass the cheeseand help pay my rentor don't be expecting me to remember your nameafter all,what's in it for me? Big girl shoes make my butt stick outand my leg muscles flex "right there."They make heads turn and hearts yearnthe last time that I checked...

The theme song for the series was "Thank You for Being a Friend," lyrics by Andrew Gold, music by George Aliceson Tipton and was sung by Cynthia Fee.

An anthology of ten scripts from the series was published as The Golden Girls Created by: Susan Harris, With an introduction and commentary by John Marriott (London, Boxtree, 1991, 237 pp.).

Rose and Dorothy realize that Blanche's forthcoming union will mean a change of address for them.

Their suspicions are confirmed when Blanche comes home from a date with Harry, all aflutter with marriage plans.

I do need seasoning with my soupand if you don't pay my duemy supper will be bland. This heart yearns for a 22 and the others yearn to be next "on deck."After all those years of wanting to be wanted and wanting to feel like my shoes fit, I find that, right now, I'm tired of walking and I just want to sitand breath.(These are my simple words.

I can't possibly hold a candle to your word paintings, but I had to say that I adore them.

MORE | News ' You're going to lose your job': Gladstone man in strife It is expected to reach 25 degrees today, with the mercury hitting 26 degrees for most of the remaining week.

"It will be a very warm month by July standards," the spokesman said.

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    Seven of these 11 cars were sold to Montour Railroad (MTR), where they were numbered as MTR 31 and MTR 34-39.

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    e Harmony was developed by Neil Clark, a psychologist and the author of relationship advice books. It is the questionnaire in the profile that decides whether you are eligible for the matching process.

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    Sonic the Hedgehog, aka the 1990s video game mascot that just won't die, is getting two new games this year, one of those being Sonic Forces.

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